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Keep your head in the game | Business Plan Focus

My nieces were watching High School Musical awhile back and I was walking by as a song was playing.  The song was about “keeping your head in the game”.   The song stuck because I have always used this line when business coaching clients around the wonderful holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years).  I have used this line “keep your head in the game” because I believe that many a business owner or salesperson can become exceedingly distracted during this time and may take the attitude “I’ll get back to the grindstone when the holidays are over” (much like the dieter mentality).  Business Coaching Professionals believe that, depending on where you are at with your game plan, this thinking may be dangerous to your business.  Let me explain why.   For instance, both Christmas and New Years land this year in the middle of the week.  Many people will work Monday and Friday or maybe even work Monday, Tuesday and Friday or something along those lines.  But, they will use those days at work unproductively (distracted)…just getting through until the first of the year.  So, good for you but, here is my question.  Are you also waiting to do your business plan in January?  January 1st the game has already started but, you are still suiting up?  Do you think the competition is still suiting up?  The game plan should be in place by now but, many of our clients will get caught up in the holiday rush and the planning won’t even BEGIN until January.  O.k., but, what if the competition was putting their game plan together in Sept/Nov, relaxing during the holiday season and refreshing themselves, and then hitting it hard January 2nd?  This would not be good for your business.  You would be, by the time you ramp up, a month behind the competition in 2014.  So, is there not hope?  THERE IS HOPE!!!  If you haven’t started your business plan yet and you are working a few days during the Christmas and New Years week, most business’s will be slow…perfect!  Use this opportunity to productively fill your day designing your business plan.   ENJOY YOUR DAYS OFF!  But, keep your head in the game when you are working and make sure you are positioning yourself competitively in the year 2014 to blow away the competition.  If you are unsure of what your business plan should be, call Business Coaching Professionals today, that is our specialty!